What’s the Difference Between Exercise, Physical Activity, and Fitness?

The three terms are sometimes interchangeably interpreted. This article aims to clarify exercise from the physical activity and fitness so the next time you ask someone. They will get not only the definition itself and so the example.




Exercise is a physical activity, well-structured and planned to maintain health and physical fitness. It helps people to lose weight and prevent diseases like diabetes and blood pressure. It keeps looking young and fresh.


Various activities:


  1. Aerobic Exercise


Aerobic means “oxygen” or breathing; a cardio workout makes a heart pumps fast for oxygenated blood flows. The target is to improve respiratory function and breathing. Some examples are cycling, walking, and swimming.


  1. Strength or Resistance Training


Regains muscular strength and builds muscle endurance. These trainings are lifting weights, push-ups, squats, and even using workout equipment in the gym.


  1. Stretching


As we get older, we are prone to muscle cramps, sprains, injuries, and falling that may hinder us from doing the activities and works. Stretching helps improve flexibility to bend without pain and move to the maximum effort.


  1. Balance Exercises


Stand with one leg while raising the other tests the balance to keep you from falling and reduce the risk of injuries. It loses the tightness in muscles to stand in good posture and balance.


Physical Activity


It is a body movement.


 All complex movement of joints and body. From walking up to workout and recreational activities- and the simple one. These or instances are:

  • Taking the stairs
  • Making a bed
  • Playing volleyball
  • Dancing yoga
  • Doing household chores




Ability to perform activities without feeling tired, Metabolic Equivalent of Tasks (METs)the unit used to describe the intensity level spent in the design activity. The higher your fitness you have, the more you can do regularly.

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