What is Noom?

LooA weight losing downloadable app to help you track your eating habits and gives feedback on what food you should choose. You can also log your workout plan and record your footsteps traveled through the pedometer. According to Forbes, it reached 50 million in 2016 (first launch) as it encourages transformation in behavior to attain the desired lifelong weight.


Here are the key features of Noom which lead to its visibility in the world:


Pre-Filling Out of Target Weight.  After downloading the app, it will ask you the target weight you want to lose with your height, weight, and age. Next, ask for access to your health application, know the food you eat, and proceed to the second process.


Genius Eating Calculation. Once you enter your target goals, it will calculate the number of calories you only need to consume and what foods to eat and avoid. Furthermore, it will teach you the attitude and behavior that you must learn to make it.


Educational and Psychology-based Approach. Talks bout behavior and cognitive process; predicting the ways and responses to be understood and given solution with approach and perspective.


Provides education on how to lose weight.


Actual Week Tracking of Lost Weight. Each week you are required to update the weight you lost by showing the graph.


In a nutshell, this dieting app won’t force you to do things to complicate your life. It explains what components of the food you are going to eat and helps you realize how important for you to lose weight. An app that is not only informative but motivates as well.   Download the app to get results in the long run.

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