What Causes Mental Illness?

Mental health conditions should be given the same attention as physical therapy. Many people have suffered anxiety and depression disorder without others knowing it. When the pandemic started knocking, suicidal cases had increased in students. Adults hide themselves to prove everything right while something is wrong on their minds.


Understanding where mental conditions are rooted helps victims to be more aware. Identify some of the potential causes of poor mental health.

  1. Childhood Trauma. Not all child days are playing moments. Other children neglect by their parents, abandoned somewhere, and physically abused by the slaps and punches of a drunk father. Worst, a young soul who worked for himself to survive!
  2. Cyber Bullying. Published into law Republic Act 10627, known as t“Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 to protect children against technology-based bullying. Being a victim of bullies traumatize when it is emotionally painful that lowers self-esteem and confidence.
  3.  Unemployment Pressure. This pandemic, companies and working agencies have closed job opportunities. Those who have no saved money will feel the pressure to buy the basic needs for the family when you shoulder the survival and expenses. Depressing and breaking good mental conditions.
  4. Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are good not until you drown from insecurities and feelings of being left behind. You will see success and become a millionaire and compare yourself. If you will not bother to do social media detox, what do you think if you are full of downfall from victories?
  5. Unhealthy Routine. Imagine using the phone all day and night, watching Netflix while eating. You will not feel productive and only cause you stress especially seeing yourself turning obese and losing fitness habits.


One unhealthy past and the messy situation can even make your mental condition worse! Mental illness is more than what you have to cure but care.

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