Technology and Wellness

In the last two decades technology has exploded and there are endless possibilities to what new technology can offer us, including adding to our wellness journey. Technology also has the ability to distract us from what is truly important in our lives, create separation and unhappiness. The technology itself is not necessarily good or bad, but rather, it depends on how it is used. Afterall, technology is simply a tool. How we wield the technology is what determines if it can help or hinder us. By exploring our relationship with technology, we can better learn to wield it for our benefit.

Credit: Robin Worrall

Questions to ask yourself

How much time do you spend on technology? What are you doing with technology? Browsing social media and connecting with friends? Broadening your education and learning about something new? Or are you getting sucked into the superficial or toxic? How could technology better serve your goals?

Apps can help us track our meals and exercise routines, guide us in learning to meditate, journal and help us to connect with others on a similar journey. This week we will be exploring the best apps and programs available in health and wellness, and how to manage our relationship with technology in a healthy, balanced manner.

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