Rewards for Your Weight Loss Journey

When we think about celebrating our successes in life, often we choose to go out to dinner, have a drink, throw a party, or buy a special treat. When dieting, this is counterintuitive.

Still, you deserve a reward for all your hard work, so we have come up with ideas that don’t revolve around food.

Remember, what makes YOU feel rewarded might be different from someone else, so once you have a few ideas, be sure to make your own list and keep it on the fridge at home. 

You can set specific rewards for certain goals and save the best for those amazing milestones!


  1. Buy yourself a new outfit
  2. Take a day trip to somewhere special
  3. Book a weekend spa getaway
  4. Go see a new movie
  5. Buy a unique piece of art to hang in your living room
  6. Get a mani/pedi
  7. Sign up for a class that sounds interesting
  8. Buy concert tickets to your favorite band
  9. Take a day off from work and relax
  10. Buy a new fitness tracker
  11. Get a journal for positive affirmations
  12. Sign up for a 5k
  13. Have a dance party in your living room
  14. Buy a new set of workout clothes
  15. Have a masseuse come to your house
  16. Hire a cleaning service to give your house a once over
  17. Buy yourself flowers
  18. Visit a local museum or fun place you’ve wanted to see
  19. Get new tennis shoes
  20. Consider trying a new hobby
  21. Sign up for cooking classes
  22. Give your dining room an overhaul
  23. Call a friend and invite them over for a walk
  24. Head to a local shelter and adopt a pet
  25. Plan a camping trip
  26. Go to a drive-in theater with friends
  27. Book a photo session with a professional photographer
  28. Post your inspirational story on social media
  29. Sign up for a dating app (if you’re single and ready to mingle)
  30. Get a tattoo you’ve been wanting

This isn’t an all-inclusive list.  There are thousands of ways to reward yourself for hitting your goals.

Save the big trips and expensive items for the major milestones, and feel free to reuse some rewards if they truly make you happy.  Everyone needs something to look forward to when trying to be successful!

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