Portion Control Diet Plan Female

Portion Control Diet Plan Female

What is a portion size?

Portion Control Diet Plan Female made easy;

Portion size is the amount of food you choose to eat at one time, for example, the amount of food you put on your plate for a meal. It can vary with every meal, depending on how hungry you feel, and can be more or less than the serving size.

Consistently eating an increased portion size can result in weight gain and obesity. Thus, you should keep a check over the portion size in every meal to avoid over-eating. Garcinia Cambogia Plus can also help decrease the appetite.  

Tips to measure portion size

You can use your hands to get an idea of your portion sizes. Here is a simple guide to controlling portion size for each meal.

• High-protein foods: Meat, poultry, beans, and fish. (Palm-sized, one for women and two for men).

• High-carb foods: whole grains, starchy vegetables. (Cupped-hand, one for women and two for men).

• High-fat foods: butter, nuts, red meat, etc. (Thumb-sized, one for women and two for men).

• Vegetables and Salads: (Fist-sized, one for women and two for men).

Portion Control Diet Plan Female

Controlling Portion Size

Keeping portion sizes to a healthy amount for every meal can be nearly impossible. However, you can take a few steps to prevent yourself from going wild over the food, even if it is your favorite dish!

• Try to use small bowls and plates when eating. This can reduce the amount of food you eat, and your appetite will be satisfied within a healthy limit of portion size.

• When eating out, try to only go for starters because the serving size of the main dish is enormous. If that’s the case, you should share it with a partner or pack the half for the next day.

• Drink a glass of water at least 30 minutes before having your meal. It will reduce your food consumption, and you will feel full quickly.

• Never eat straight from the container. It can highly increase your chances of over-eating and exceeding your usual portion size.

Using these tips to regulate your portion size can be very effective in maintaining your health and overall quality of life. It may also keep certain diseases at bay while fulfilling your daily nutrition requirements.

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