No _____ November

Habit change or resolutions are more effective in November than in the new year.  Setting goals and challenging yourself is much more doable with a time limit, like 30 days, rather than planning for a whole year. If you’ve been searching for a way to make some changes, start small! 30 days is much less painful than making a huge, sweeping declaration of change for 365 days! And remember, if you end up liking the changes you’ve made, you can keep it up through December too. No matter what you are wanting to change, whether it’s No Spend November, No Social Media November or No Carb November, we’ve got great tips to help you succeed!


Plan Ahead

Before November arrives, plan ahead. Trim your budget or plan your grocery lists ahead of time. Plan ways to fill your time. Figure out where your biggest challenges are and strategize now to set yourself up for success. Research alternatives for your favorites and eliminate temptation now so urges won’t take you by surprise.


Make It Mean Something

Set goals that mean something. It might be about providing gifts for your family, or changing up the way you’ve been eating. Make it meaningful, but manageable. If you aim too high, you’ll set yourself up to fall.


One At A Time

Don’t go for several massive changes all at once. The more changes you try to implement at once, the higher the risk of failure. Pick one change to make and stick to it.


1st Week Blues

The first week of any big change can be the hardest. Being aware and accepting the situation is key to maintaining momentum. Acknowledge urges or cravings and let it go. Grab that alternative you planned ahead for and keep moving.



Buddy System

Get a friend to take on the challenge with you. Motivation can be fleeting, but having an accountability buddy can give you that extra edge to keep going when you’re energy is flagging.



Every day, set your intention for change. Make it a part of your morning ritual and choose to succeed, even just for that day.



30 days is a blip on the radar. You can do 30 days. Keep it in mind, and you’ll sail through. Go back to that part where it means something. Keep reminding yourself of your end goal.


What If You Mess Up?

If you give into a craving or skip a gym day, don’t beat yourself up. You’re making new habits and that’s challenging! But remember that just because you messed up once doesn’t mean you’ve failed your challenge. Figure out why your got off track, plan ahead and get back at it!

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