Mind-Body Reconnection

Throughout our lives, we encounter stressors and traumas. Stress and trauma can create a chasm in how we exist within our bodies. We spend so much time in our heads that we are not longer present and fully connected to our bodies. This can lead to being unable to read our body’s signs and ques, like hunger, fullness, illness, tiredness. How do we reconnect with our bodies and relearn it’s signs and signals? By practicing grounding activities like yoga and exercise, meditating and engaging in sensory self-care, we can begin the re connection to self.

Credit: Kike Vega

Yoga, dance and other forms of exercise are inherently physical and ground us back into our bodies as we pay attention to form, position and feeling. Not only is exercise beneficial for our physical health, it can benefit us emotionally and mentally by helping our bodies produce and regulate hormones tied to mental health and wellness.

Credit: Jared Rice

Meditation and progressive relaxation practices can bring our awareness to our bodies in a focused way that enhances our ability to tune into ourselves. With regular practice, it becomes easier and easier to pay attention to what our bodies are trying to tell us, whether it’s the need to de-stress or if we’re full or not.

Credit: Amplitude Magazine

Sensory self-care can be getting a massage or reflexology session, dry brushing before bathing, using a scented lotion after a long bath while telling yourself positive affirmations about your body. “I’m beautiful, I’m soft, I’m present.”

Join us this week as we explore re connection with our bodies with simple yoga poses, practical exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques.

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