How to Stick to Your New Year’s Fitness Goals

With the start of the new year comes New Year’s Resolutions. And for many, these resolutions stick for just a few weeks before slipping back into old behavior patterns and habits. If you’re looking to make lasting change and are ready to succeed in your fitness resolution, we’ve got some great tips to help keep you on track!


Tip #1- Day by Day

Instead of making a sweeping commitment that can put undue pressure on yourself, make the commitment just for today. And then do it again tomorrow. Take it day by day and commit daily. Change happens incrementally through consistency.


Tip #2- Set Clear and Realistic Goals

If 2020 led you into an inactive rut, don’t set a goal of working out 5 days a week for 2 hours each day. This will set yourself up for failure. You will get discouraged and fall back into that inactivity very quickly. Instead, make a plan to increase your activity levels and increase your workouts over the course of several weeks.


Tip #3- Kick It Up

Start with 2-3 workouts a week, for 45 minutes. Then increase it to an hour for a week. Then bump up to 4 days a week. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard to avoid injury.


Tip #4- Have Fun With It

If you’re an introvert, a loud and active dance or spin class may not be for you. Conversely, if you’re a people person who needs a ton of movement and engagement, a quiet yoga class may not be for you either! Play to your strengths and figure out what kind of workout will suit you and your needs best. Explore and figure out what will be fun and enjoyable for you!


Tip #5- Variety Is Key

Switch it up with different forms of exercise. Spend some time hiking for weekend workout, then hit the gym during the week. Or try cycling for your cardio two times a week and weight training for the remainder. You won’t get bored and you might find a new passion!


Tip #6- Pack Accordingly

Pack your gym bag and stick it in your car the night before workout days. You’ll be reminded of commitment and promise you’ve made yourself and it will help motivate you to get out the door!


Tip #7- Plan It Out

Schedule your workouts. Put a reminder on your phone calendar, write it on your mirror with a dry-erase marker, do what you need to do so you can hold yourself accountable. Get into the routine of working out and stick to it until it becomes a habit.


Tip #8- Accounta-buddy

Find a fitness partner who has similar goals to your own. Having someone to workout with can be more fun and motivating. Hold each other accountable when one of you is having a slump day.


Tip #9- Enjoy The Journey

It’s great to have an ideal goal, whether weight, muscle or tone-related. But keep in mind that the journey is more about getting healthy than hitting those specific goals. Benchmarks move, goals change, and you’re working on getting and staying healthy!


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