How to Flush Out Kidney Stones?

Urinary tract infection is formulating struvite stone caused by too much consumption of protein. But first, let’s get into the core of the words.


What is a kidney stone?

Kidney stone is scientifically called urolithiasis, undissolved minerals or salt concentration in the kidney. Some causes are supplements, medical conditions, and being overweight. Listed below are how to cure kidney stones so you will get out yourself of the sickness.


Drinking Plenty of Fluids

The best recommendation for kidney stones is to less likely to harden and the turns bigger. But, consider the liquid you will hydrate to yourself like coffee, tea, and wine are good but avoid soda that has fructose increasing the excretion of uric acid


Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Fruits like citrus, limes, and lemons are rich in citric acid-reducing stone formation and preventing enlargement. You can also add it with water to help you detoxify salts before growing as stone.


Less Salt, More Magnesium

2,300 mg is the recommended maximum sodium per day. Table salt or other foods have sodium that you are never aware of snacks, so check the label. Magnesium is a mineral does metabolism reaction helps in the prevention of stones.


Minimal Animal Protein Intake

Meat, fish, and dairy products may increase calcium and decrease citrate have the chance to form uric acid. The bottom line is, a person who has kidney stones can still get the same disease after 5-10 years. However, discipline on the eating diets, fluid intake, and minimizing sodium intake give yourself prevention. Don’t get bothered with eye-pleasing foods; choose your health always for good!

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