Depression threatens life in the 21st century. Causes are said to be insurmountable. Loss of loved ones, social pressure, and online learning are influence the state of mind that turns into negative and suicidal thoughts. For the past few years, mental health put aside, and today deaths are a wake-up call to what’s happening.

How to handle depression? Read a little further.

Loss the Roots

           It comes in a specific matter on what you need to lose or burn. Don’t worry about the collection, people, and events. Be afraid of losing your own life. If holding you are emotionally hurting words, write it down or share it with people you trust. You cannot afford to waste your life. Do not forget that!

Learn Acceptance and Humility

You have no control over everything even though the most cared gem will thorn you down. Accept a situation you’re no longer part of and humble yourself for the learning you still want to find.

Don’t Hate Yourself

You are the last standing hope in your life. You might be mistaken thing, fault someone, and hurt. Allow yourself to forgive because you need peace to declutter your mind.

Let go

The reason why we are still depressed is we are not letting go. Let go of what hurts you, feel bad about yourself, and heal yourself. It doesn’t mean forgetting but isolating you from what triggers depression.

Move on

Don’t jail yourself for your traumatic past. Good things happen when you come to it! Cheers to the coming season that will surprise you.

This mental problem is not curable with medicine. You can go for therapy, yet if you can do something to get yourself back to life. Life is full of new chances and opportunities, don’t stick to depressing moments.



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