Guide to Getting Six-pack Abs

Getting six-pack abs for a woman is a milestone in fitness. Hits for several months and need to be maintained. Are you wondering how long does it take, well that is based on your body condition, BMI, and months from your initial try. Even so, a six-pack can be your body once you on working for it.


These workouts applied to both no or with dumbbells. Just give it a try!


  1. Arm in and out. Start with using a dumbbell extended forward and backward while elbows are not locking to engage your core.
  2. Russian Twist. Move the hand side to side while resting your weight in the stomach and butt but don’t let your feet touch the ground.
  3. Leg Drop Crunch. Lift your leg and drop it down slowly. Then lift it again and move your upper body crunches closer. Watch your back flattened on the map and put down your legs. Repeat it!
  4. Plank Reach. Do a one-hand plank while the other is holding the dumbbell up and down in slow motion. Do it both on the left and right.
  5. Hallowed Crunch. An intense squeezing of abs. Bring your knees toward your chest and cross the dumbbell over it.
  6. Roll-up and Over. Roll yourself up and roll the dumbbell over your knees.
  7. Peak and Front Raise. Get in a low plank and raise the dumbbell in front of you and do it many times.
  8. V-cycles. Sit and move your leg back and forth like riding a bicycle. Then go over the dumbbell over and under the legs.


Most of the workouts centered on core muscles. Note that you can skip one exercise you can’t really do but try it little by little. You will get there! Find the hang of it and own the six-pack abs!




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