Giving the Gift of Experiences

As you continue on your health and wellness journey, you may have noticed loved ones around begin to follow your example and start making changes too! Here’s our ultimate holiday gift guide to help support yourself and your favorite people on the journey to health and wellness!


Meal Plan Subscriptions

Kickstart healthy meal choices by gifting a meal plan subscription. Tailor plans to suit the family’s practical and dietary needs. From low carb to vegan, there’s a meal plan for everyone.


Gym Memberships

Gym memberships are great for those who desire the structure that gyms can offer versus free-running or solo exercise.



Dance, boxing, martial arts, yoga or spin. No matter how your loved one likes to work out, there’s a class for it!


Personal Training Sessions

If you’ve got a friend or relative who desires change but doesn’t know where to start, gift them a few personal training sessions to get tips and training from a pro!


Nutritionist Consultation

If your loved one struggles with eating healthy, gift a consultation with a nutritionist or dietician to help them learn new ways of fulfilling their nutritional needs with a professional who can tailor meal plans just for them!


Gift Cards

Give gift cards for your favorite healthy restaurants to offer a new experience and healthier options!



If a friend or relative’s health struggles seem deeper seated than simple habit change can aid, offer the gift of hypnotherapy to help them address the underlying issues so that they can create the changes they desire on a deep subconscious level.



Gifting self-care can help loved ones take the time out they need to rest, relax and rejuvenate after a stressful year.


Spiritual Retreats

If you have a loved one who is spiritually inclined, help them to nurture that spirituality by gifting them a retreat that will feed their soul.



Education is the key to change. Help your loved one learn more about their health and happiness by gifting them a book that helped change your life!

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