Fun Facts About Workouts

Do you have in mind an interesting observation and research about workouts?

There are several factors why we want to push a habit of working out. Some are losing weight, productivity, and muscle endurance. The good thing is you can take it all at once.


Listed are the fun facts about workouts that you have to realize.


  1. The average person has 7500 steps a day. If you live at 80-year old, you reached 177027.84 kilometers in your entire life.
  2. By the age of 65, you almost lost 80% of your muscle strength.
  3. You are still burning calories after working out, and your metabolism is continuously elevating.
  4. There are 200 muscles used to do a single step forward.
  5. You will instantly change your bad mood when you start working out.
  6. When you run, your feet are 3-4 times heavier than your weight because of pressure.
  7. You are excepting yourself from heart disease when you do exercise.
  8. Exercise is an anti-aging remedy. Look younger than your age!
  9. When you forget to drink water, you are likely to feel tired.
  10.  Your heart pumps 2000 gallons of blood and approximately 100,000 heartbeats.
  11. What level of energy and muscle strength can be inherited by your children. Is it good for them to inherit?
  12. The knee is the most complex joint and the easier to get injured.
  13. Your workout is intense only when you can’t speak words without breathing.


Understanding that workout is a lifelong action that cures the aging and disease effect. Of course, you don’t want to regret your adulthood living unhealthy. You only live once, get the most valuable. Live as if you are the gem you care for and love your body. That’s a gift from above, cherish!






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