Fermented Foods and Your Gut

Fermented Foods and Your Gut; things you need to know…

Optimal gut health of the body ensures that every organ performs to its fullest! Gut health refers to the right balance of bacteria and microbes in the digestive tract. Their function is to strengthen the body’s immunity, elevate the mood and remove all kinds of discomfort from the digestive tract.


But, can gut health be improved in some way? Actually yes! Consuming fermented food items helps in enriching gut health and removing any discomfort you feel in the working of your digestive system.

Fermented Foods and Your Gut

What Are Fermented Foods?


Fermented foods go through the process of the ancient technique of fermentation.

Microorganisms convert organic food elements such as starch and sugar into acids and alcohol.

Through this, the taste of the food improves, and so does its texture. Furthermore, the benefits offered by them are:

  • Fermented food items enhance the diversification of microbes in the body, which reduces the intensity of inflammation of the digestive tract.
  • Fermentation breaks down the complex starch and sugar molecules, which become quite easy for the stomach to digest. Hence, the digestive system doesn’t have to put extra effort into performing its job.


Not a fan of fermented food? Gulp down some supplements

IsaBiome Probiotics - Fermented Foods and Your Gut

  1.     IsaBiome

IsaBiome is made with a unique blend of enzymes and microbes and is the perfect replacement for fermented food items. It helps restore all those beneficial bacteria that maintain a healthy digestive tract. While doing so strengthens the immunity of the body furthermore.

Are you sick of the constant bloating and gastric issues? These supplements will improve your nutrient absorption ability to curb these problems!

Isagenix Shake Booster Immune Dietary Supplement

  1.                 Immune Shake Booster

 Making this dairy and gluten-free supplement a regular part of your shakes will improve your gut health significantly. Mushrooms, being a major ingredient of this booster, give it a delicious taste.

Furthermore, Immune Shake Booster has Beta-glucans that strengthen immunity. It’s a complete package!

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