Baby Steps part two – more easy changes

Yesterday we touched on some simple steps to begin the journey to sustainable, long-term changes. Today we have four more easy changes to add into your routine over the next few weeks to keep the momentum going! Whichever changes you choose to make, know you’re already on the right path! You’ve made a decision to become healthier and happier. The first steps can feel like the hardest, but they don’t have to be!


By increasing your water intake and maintaining optimal hydration, you’re giving your body the fluids it needs to properly flush out toxins and aid in elimination. Use a water tracking app or rubber bands on your bottle. Add a splash of flavor with fruit. Whatever it takes to keep yourself hydrated.

Meal prep

Spend some time in the kitchen on a day off to take a look at what’s in stock in the pantry and fridge. Figure out what can be made now and batched out so that you don’t have to worry about your meals this week. Spending an hour or two on the weekend to meal prep can save you money, time and health in the long run.

Eat Dinner Earlier

If you eat dinner close to bedtime, your body isn’t able to give you adequate sleep, as it is busy trying to digest your food. By eating no later than 2 hours before your bedtime, you allow your body the time it needs to metabolize dinner before hitting the hay.

Walk it off

Commit to going for a 10-minute walk around the neighborhood after dinner. Walking after a meal aids in digestion and keeps everything moving smoothly.

Try adding in a new baby step each week. Don’t forget to check back for more weight management tips and tricks!



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