7 Migraine Busters

If you’re one of the 35 million Americans who suffer from migraines, you know that a migraine can derail your life for a day or three. Symptoms can be debilitating and excruciating. We’ve gathered our favorite migraine busting tips to help you cope the next time you feel that tension begin to build.


Create A Migraine Kit

Having your kit handy, whether at home or at work, can save your day and stop your migraine in its tracks. If you use medication, make sure you have a few extra pills in your kit. Add a few instant cold packs, some tea and electrolyte powder and you’ll be ready the moment you feel that familiar tension creep in. Toss in ear plugs and an eye mask for added comfort!



Drink 8 ounces of water with a squeeze of lemon as soon as you feel the beginning of a migraine. Many migraines are triggered by slight abnormalities in your electrolyte levels. By replenishing and rebalancing your levels, you can mitigate the severity of a migraine.



The vasoconstrictive properties of caffeine can aid in relieving the pressure of a headache or migraine. During a migraine, blood vessels tend to enlarge, causing that beating or pounding sensation in your head. By drinking a small cup of green tea or black coffee, you may be able to find some relief.


Progressive Relaxation

Progressive relaxation is a simple technique that can be practiced in any setting to help stave off a headache or migraine quickly. Begin by focusing on your feet, tighten your feet for several seconds, then relax. Move up to your calves, tighten and relax. Progress up the body,  up the thighs, stomach, chest, shoulders, arms, neck and face, tightening then relaxing each body part before moving on to the next. It may help to include mental imagery like water flowing, cooling energy or anything else that is comforting. You can also find guided imagery or guided hypnosis for migraine relief if you’re able to find a quiet place to lay down and relax.


Switch Up The Scent

If your migraines are set off by strong scents from perfume or fragrances, reach for some fresh coffee beans or a peppermint essential oil. Clearing your olfactory senses may stop your migraine in its tracks.


Mute The Senses

Migraines are often accompanied by light and sound sensitivity. Having a pair of headphones or earplugs and a eye mask handy can help combat the added distress and pain caused by overstimulation. Gel eye masks can be tossed in the freezer for added comfort.


Combat Nausea

More severe migraines often bring on bouts of nausea and vomiting. Settle your stomach with some peppermint or ginger tea and alleviate this added horror of migraines.

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