5 Sustainable Nutrition Tips

There’s no shortage of information available on why the Standard American Diet is failing to keep Americans healthy and failing to keep our planet healthy too. A sustainable diet is one that keeps you satiated, changes the way you feel and the way you eat long term. Start 2021 off right!


SOUL Foods






Choose products that meet these recommendations and you’ll pay less and eat cleaner. Farmers markets are a great place to get your produce even cheaper, with less packaging and no retail mark-up.


Nix The Delivery


As easy as it is to simply place a GrubHub or Uber Eats order, choosing to cook your food and plate it yourself will give you more control over your portions and caloric intake. You’ll also save a fortune by not paying those delivery charges!


Cut Down On Meat


You don’t need to go full-blown vegetarian or vegan to feel the benefits of the diet. Choose 2-3 days a week to cut out meat and opt for robust, veggie-filled meals instead. This will also help cut back on your carbon footprint and the environmental impact that the meat industry has on our world. You may also want to check out local butchers or connect with local farmers or hunters to buy whole sides of beef or elk and deer for more sustainable options.


Start A Garden

Start a garden to boost your nutrition and activity levels. You’ll know exactly how your vegetables and fruits are treated if you’re doing it yourself. If you’re short on space, check out vertical grow towers as a space-saving alternative to garden beds.


Buy Bulk

Avoid small packages and single-use packaging by buying in bulk. This will save you money and help cut down on your trash too. Many healthy grocers have a wide selection of bulk bins for dietary staples, from nuts and seeds to flour, spices and so much more.


Sustainability doesn’t happen overnight. Start making small changes first, and keep going!

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